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Latest news and activities

Boulevard World Genius

With the project "Boulevard World Genius" Mon Perin aims  to connect the camp site at the coast with the town of Bale a few kilometers inland and pay tribute to those great minds who have shaped our past and present and will undoubtedly leave their mark in times to come.

A partnership with the Academies of Fine Arts of Milan, Turin, Bologna, Venice, Rijeka and Zagreb: the sculptors from these academies have worked on huge blocks of white stone in order to create monuments for the “Boulevard of World Genius”.

Amongst those celebarated in these wonderfully symbolic scultures are roaring names such as Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo De Vinci. Stay tuned to see new names for this year !

[Description (from left to right), year , University]

1° row

Nikola Tesla: 2015, Academy of Fine Arts of Rijeka and Zagreb, Croatia

Galileo Galilei: 2016, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Milan, Italy

Nelson Mandela: 2017, Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, Italy

Albert Einstein: 2017, Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Italy

2° row

Mahatmna Gandhi: 2016, Academy of Fine Arts of Albertina - Turin and Rijeka, Italy and Croatia

Cristoforo Colombo: 2016, Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and Bologna, Italy

Marie Curie: 2017, Academy of Fine Arts of Albertina - Turin, Italy

Charles Darwin: 2017, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Milan, Italy

The cover picture, symbol "V", rapresents the sculture od Leonardo da Vinci made in 2015 by the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Milan, Italy

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