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The presence of dinosaur fossils dating back 130 million years is what places the history of Bale into the spotlight. And it is precisely in this part of the Adriatic that the discovery of fossils on the seabed was made in 1992 as the only known case at world level.

At Bale, you’ll be able to see fossil remains of these remarkable creatures that ruled the world millions of years ago and get that special feeling when touching their footprints.

At the multimedia centre “Ulika”, our Museum of Dinosaurs displays the bones of Sauropods, specie that roamed the Earth some 130 million years ago. 

Dinosaur bones, including a back vertebra of Histriasaurus, the world’s oldest known member of the strange sauropod (long-necked plant-eating dinosaur) group Rebbachisauridae, were found in the Bay of Colona in Bale beginning in 1992. The bones were examined in detail at the laboratories of the Museum of Paleontology in Monfalcone

Remains of meat-eating dinosaurs and a large sauropod related to the giant Brachiosaurus have been discovered as well. The largest known dinosaur to ever have walked the earth reaching weights of 30 tons and lengths of 20 to 25 meters.

This amazing discovery put Bale on the World List of Paleontological Sites at the World Congress of Paleontologists in Beijing in 1995.

As far as is known, Bale is the only site in the world to preserve the fossils of these extinct reptiles under the sea. 

Including species known from footprints found elsewhere in Istria, at least ten dinosaur species are believed to have lived in the area.

This is why at the Mon Perin camping site in Bale it’s already possible to admire the replica model of a Histriosaurus, the first dinosaur that grew up to eight metres tall and twenty metres long, and the first Paleo Park will be inaugurated next season.

The Paleo Park has been developed to meet the demands of adults thanks to the swimming pool and the wellness area as well as to the joy of kids thanks to its educational theme park which offers the opportunity to search for the remains of dinosaurs, read all about the history of palaeontology, and admire the life-size dinosaurs. 

Make your next holiday even more memorable by staying at the first Paleo Park in Croatia. Have a look what is Paleo Park

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