Latest news and activities


Latest news and activities

Dinosaurs arrived at Mon Perin campsite!

In 1992, dinosaur bones were found off the coast of Bale. 

Several species of dinosaurs are believed to have lived on these territories.

One of them is also a Brachiosaurus, almost the largest known dinosaur to ever have walked the earth reaching weights of 30 tons and lengths of 20 to 25 meters.

This amazing discovery put Bale on the World List of Paleontological Sites as the only underwater dinosaur fossil site in the world.

That’s why a project to construct and develop a paleo park, a combination of a theme, amusement-, and water park and an educational and research platform, commenced last year with a view to highlighting and promoting this archaeological site on the coast of Bale.

The first dinosaur replica models have just recently arrived in Bale; while the arrival of the famous life-size Histriosaurus model, eight meters tall and twenty meters long, is expected at the beginning of July!

Already next year, the arrival of the Velociraptor model is expected, which will further enrich the experience in Bale's paleo park.

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