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The Forno Fortress

At Bale it is certainly worth visiting the old Austro-Hungarian 'Forno' fortress situated between the Mon Perin campsite and the Barbariga tourist area. After a long period of neglect this has now become a site where numerous theatrical and cultural events are held.

Constructed by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1904, the fort was built according to traditional methods involving the use of stone blocks and the creation of arches in brickwork and reinforced concrete, while the moat was excavated from the underlying rock. The fortress was one of the strongholds of an external defensive system established to defend Pula against enemy attacks from the sea.

In 1918 it was overtaken by the Italian army and lost its former characteristic appearance on account of the removal of various metallic fittings and equipment and also a series of powerful cannons. Used during the Second World War by the German Armed Forces, in 1945 the Popular Yugoslavian Army of Liberation took control of the site and assigned it to Pula.

Among countless adventures to be lived during a visit to the district of Bale (known as ‘Valle’ in Italian), the Forte Forno castle is an ideal choice; the site allows visitors to become fully immersed in the atmosphere and the history of this area and to imagine life as it was in the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Exploring the fortress and its various spaces, visitors will discover that at its highest point the structure offers a splendid view across the nearby Adriatic coast. On very clear days it is possible to see the Brijuni archipelago.

A visit to the site will be a unique experience during your holiday and will represent one of the best events during a personal exploration of the local territory, allowing you to become immersed in the distant past.

Together with the Municipality of Bale, Mon Perin offers a variety of fascinating opportunities. Explore the whole destination

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