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Green & Blue: relaxation and shelter in the shadow of a pine tree opposite the sea

Imagine a green and blue holiday, a holiday immersed in nature in the shadow of pine trees opposite the blue sea. This is possible in Mon Perin.

A holiday in a campsite that stretches along 9.5 km of coastline and spans 40 hectares of unspoilt nature could be the ideal break for those seeking an experience that puts them in direct contact with Mother Nature.

Located on the west coast of Istria, the blue coast of Bale offers a panorama of unforgettable sunsets, casting the glance towards the archipelago of Rovinj. The beauty of this completely unspoilt nature is sure to win you over.

Every walk along the sea and every nap in the shade of a pine tree will always be accompanied by the scents of Mediterranean herbs that grow near the pebble beach and the rocks.

For those who love to explore and wander through the archaeological sites of the village, the coast of Bale is the place to head for. The area has a rich cultural heritage: remains of old streets, ruins of Roman villas and oil mills, as well as a series of perfectly conserved fortifications which date back to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

Along the unspoilt coastline, only six kilometres from Mon Perin, is the medieval town Bale (lat. Castrum Vallis) found on the hillside of Mon Perin.

Bale will win you over with its unspoilt green nature, infinite peace and rich bill of events. It is rare to find such a charming combination of architectural wealth, historical and cultural monuments and residents so willing to make your holiday perfect.

Today Bale is not just a town. The Municipality of Bale is a separate unit with cultivated fields, pastures and forests where one can spot the remains of old buildings, Roman roads, wells, villas, oil mills and churches...

Discover all the holiday homes available in Mon Perin. You can choose from pitches immersed in the woods, modern mobile homes in the shade of pine trees, or accommodation in the medieval town of Bale.

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