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Horseback ride among the ancient farmsteads of Istria

Those who decide to spend a holiday at Bale means they will be choosing an unconventional tourist destination, steeped in history and nature.

Among the many adventures visitors may experience during their stay in the district of Bale a horseback ride among the old farms and country estates is the ideal activity to become fully immersed in this particular district of Istria, fully enjoying the beauty of the countryside and the special atmosphere in a way that is 'sustainable' with respect to the local territory.

The adventure begins at the stables, where an expert guide will be ready to help participants choose a suitable horse (docile for beginners or perhaps a little more spirited for those with greater experience) and will accompany them during excursions through the enchanting settings of the hinterland.

Trotting or perhaps even galloping through an uncontaminated natural environment, it will be possible to visit the 'stanzie', local ancient farms and the heart of agricultural production in ages past that have now been revived thanks to a sensitive form of restoration. The old farmhouses have become unique sites where one can find accommodation at locations surrounded by olive groves, fields and vineyards.

To choose such an adventure means spending one's holiday in a different way, discovering the local area, savouring its nature, history, culture and evolution.

A horseback ride during which one can visit the ancient farmsteads is a perfect experience for those looking for a sense of freedom, abandoning the frenetic life of the city, rediscovering the slow rhythms of a natural dimension in an eco-friendly and incredibly exciting way. 

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