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Latest news and activities

Independent villas surrounded by Mediterranean maquis scrubland

To preserve the richness of the surroundings while operating in full respect of its resources is absolutely our first and foremost guiding principle.

Our independent villas were developed without impacting on the beauty of the surrounding Mediterranean maquis scrubland, which already differs significantly from that more commonly present in other European regions.

This Mediterranean scrubland is characterised by a rich vegetation mostly made up of evergreen species, predominantly shrubs with abundant flowering (such as the myrtle, strawberry tree, heather, rosemary, etc.), leathery leaves and a dense and intricate undergrowth, which makes a good wildlife habitat, providing animals with food, shelter and a place to nest.

The oak and the holm oak trees, associated with other species, dominate the woodland that was once covered with extensive forests of which only fragments remain today, very often isolated and mostly concentrated in small areas.

Our maquis scrubland varies significantly in its plant-species composition depending on numerous ecological factors and recurrent human-induced activities. Our area is characterised by maquis scrubland associated with relatively cool areas, more evolved, as the maquis covered by holm oak, compared to that associated with coastal, warm and dry areas, dominated by strawberry tree and tree heather, as well as broom and juniper.

Surrounded by this amazing natural heritage, our independent villas stand out in true harmony with nature. Their design can be compared to a plastic surgery that leaves no scars, just splendour.

To stay in our unique and exclusive villas means experiencing a feeling of peace and relaxation, where the only noise comes from pheasants, and where even the movement of a hare will appear so gracious that it can easily be mistaken for a rabbit.

Large glass panes and spacious terraces of these jewels make guests finally feel at one with this ecosystem, so intact that it fills your nostrils with inspiring scents, sceneries similar to those of impressionist paintings, sensations that stay with you for months, and leave you with a strong desire to return soon.

Nestled along the coast in our wonderful town, Mon Perin villas are just waiting for you to discover them. Have a look at our new villas 

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