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Latest news and activities

Letter from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Mon Perin

A Letter from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Mon Perin - Mr. Plinio Cuccurin.


Dear friends and dear guests,

We hope you're keeping well and staying safe.
In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to share our thoughts with you during these difficult times.

We should be grateful and pay respect to all those who are on the front line of this battle against the virus, by following all the required self-isolation and self-protection measures.
Only by doing so, we will help ourselves and others, because only with unity, solidarity and mutual assistance we can come out of it stronger. And as we're moving through these quite challenging times, we want you to know that we at Mon Perin are here, at your side.

The situation in Bale has been pretty quiet for now. Luckily, none has been infected so far.
We at Mon Perin had actually made all the preparations to welcome our guests with new amenities and features as if everything was going to be alright. But, as often happens, some things in life cannot be predicted.
Nevertheless, being aware that after the storm the sun will shine again, we’ve undertaken activities to maintain optimism, unity, solidarity and mutual assistance.
We’ve secured the income to our employees and they have been assigned new tasks. We’ve organized the fruit and vegetable production as well as free delivery to the most vulnerable people. We’ve secured the payment of fees to the Municipality of Bale in order not to reduce the social standard of our population. To the Pula hospital medical staff we’ve made accommodation capacities available so that they and their family members can take a rest from the hard and praiseworthy work they’re doing for all of us.
The Mon Perin Foundation has secured a donation for the necessary medical equipment.

Therefore, make the most of this time and think positive. May each day be filled with simple gestures of affection toward our loved ones and those who are far away right now.
We want to share these positive feelings with you. Let us be each other's keeper and let us find joy in small things: the pleasures of spring, the warmth of the sun, a kind word…

The famous writer A.S. Pushkin once wrote:

“Everything shall pass and go away.
All worries and fears will disappear, the roads will become straight again and the gardens will be full of flowers again.
Let us appeal to common sense for help. Let us fight the disease with the power of knowledge.
And let us overcome these difficult days that are putting us to the hard test together as a family.
We’ll come out purer and wiser. We should not succumb to darkness and fear.
Let us lift our spirit and we will feel closer to each other!
And may all of us celebrate life gathered around the festive table.
And may the Almighty send a bit of happiness in every home!”

All this will pass and we’re convinced that we’ll be able to smile again.
We send you our warmest greetings and positive thoughts and will continue to be available to you.

I take the opportunity to wish everyone blessed and Happy Easter.


Plinio Cuccurin
President of the Board



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