Latest news and activities


Latest news and activities

Mon Perin, equity capital increase and development of new projects

At the end of last week, the Extraordinary Assembly of Mon Perin adopted a decision to increase the Company's equity capital as a prerequisite for further functioning and continuing the Mon Perin’s planned development. 

This marks, symbolically, the beginning of a new era in the development of this peculiar tourism company of Bale. The equity capital has been increased from the current 31 million and 61 thousand kuna by an amount not lower than 30 million and not higher than 65 million.

Thus, the recapitalisation process in question involved 30 million kuna of investment in cash and the rest in shares of Adris Grupa.

Through this new investment cycle Mon Perin definitely extends to outside the camping area on the coast of Bale and starts constructing, that is, developing new accommodation capacities in the town and local area of Bale, but is also interested in investing in tourism in the area of Fažana.


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