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Rift Bale Valle: strolls through streets full of history

History in the ancient streets of Bale Valle is pure emotion. It’s finding yourself in the centre of a very unique geomorphological location.

The hilly area surrounding Bale Valle very probably dates back to tectonic movements originating at the beginning of the Mesozoic which, as mentioned, produced a hilly area centred round the hill of Mon Perin, the summit on which the town of Bale Valle is perched.

Strangely enough, even though it is located about one hundred metres above sea level, it looks like a hollow compared to the hills that surround it which are higher. In this sense, when we talk about roads, we don’t just mean the roads of the town but the dirt tracks of the countryside that roll from the hills to the centre of the valley, as if they were residues of tectonic fractures which had then become country roads, used for millenniums to reach the fields.

Historically speaking, the entire area was essentially rural and the ancient “roads” carry the scent of herbs and wild orchids, bursting into a myriad of colours.

These range from the yellow of the broom to the deep red of the soil of Bale, softening into the greys of the stones used to make the dry walls that are often used in buildings such as the typical “Kažun” stone structures only present in these territories. The range of colours is endless, ranging from the green of the olive groves present everywhere to the green of the leaves borne by the native vines that grow precisely over that thin red earth from which calcareous stones spring forth like white points of stellar paths.

Today these roads are cycle paths, unique pathways for tracking or for walks, suitable for the whole family, including their four-legged friends (mapped out in the finest detail).

But…. this is only the beginning because like flows of lava, these roads lead to the historical centre and to the cobbled kale but that’s another story.

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