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Latest news and activities

The Bembo Castle, the Art House

Yesterday at the Bembo Castle the Italian Community of Bale, the "Forlanette" company, the Tourist Board of Bale and the company "Mon Perin" signed the agreement establishing the "Art House of Mon Perin”. The project will transform the interiors of the Bembo Castle into an art gallery for the purpose of exhibiting and selling paintings, sculptures and pottery by the most renowned artists from Istria and Kvarner.

Edi Pastrovicchio, the mayor of Bale, has strongly supported the revitalisation of the premises endowed with invaluable beauty and historical importance in order to give them new life and economically support the local Italian Community, which has its seat and carries out its activities in the castle.

The Italian Community will, jointly with the "Forlanette" company, arrange the setup and sale of the artworks, as well as a home delivery service to their customers, as the Bale Council Member in charge for culture Ennio Malusà explained.

The promotional activities of this praiseworthy project financed by "Mon Perin" will be carried out jointly by the Tourist Board and the "Mon Perin" company.

With the perspective of dissemination and revitalisation of the culture and history of Bale and its historical centre, the inauguration of the gallery will be accompanied by “The Spring of Mon Perin” and “The Summer of Mon Perin”, a series of events that will be held every Saturday in May, June and July.

Massimo Piutti, the company's general manager, highlighted that the projects and the initiatives aiming at the revitalisation of Bale and its surroundings have the objective to guide visitors to discover Bale's history and culture with the possibility of staying in private accommodation (the core of the scattered hotel project) or at the Mon Perin campsite.

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