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Latest news and activities

The Wine, Oil and Cheese Road

Olive groves and vineyards are present in this area, and almost as far as the eye can see. Yes, this is Bale, famous for its oil, cheese and wine.

Blue skies, green olive trees and a dark red soil, grey dry stone walls and the white fleece of sheep that wander through the olive groves: these are typical colours that appear across the maquis and a landscape where the serene, welcoming countryside also offers special fragrances and flavours.

You have now ventured out along the wine, oil and cheese road, where one may easily lose oneself in a truly splendid atmosphere.

The local inhabitants, who convey a strong sense of hospitality and introduce their visitors to a rural dimension and its traditions, continue to proudly dedicate a lot of time to historical occupations such as the production of oil, the cultivation of vineyards and sheep farming. The results are gratifying for both the local population and our guests.

The local millennial traditions are carried on every year with the planting of new olive trees and the cultivation of local vines. Ancient rural activities are thus perpetuated through the application of modern agricultural methods capable of enhancing and valorising the tastes and fragrances of past eras.

The oil, wine and cheese routes do not require the use of any GPS navigation systems. The exceptional fragrances themselves will draw you to those places where you can taste these exceptional products. You will find them at the local restaurants, where they are presented as specialities of the local cuisine and at the cellars and premises of local producers where they can be purchased. In this way you can later enjoy the unique tastes and flavours when you return home.

Tourist route maps in the centre of Bale and in the municipalities of Moncalvo and Krmed will help you find your way around. We would also advise you to try some local goat cheese. Across the Istrian peninsula for many centuries goats were dominant residents of the areas of woodland undergrowth and have become a symbol of the district.

So, enjoy your walk and the special products and fragrances.

Discover restaurants where you can taste wonderful local foods at Bale and at the Mon Perin tourist facilities. Click here

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