Mon Perin introduces for the first time two consecutive events

The Spring of Mon Perin & The Summer of Mon Perin

About the event

Mon Perin introduces for the first time two consecutive events: The Spring of Mon Perin and The Summer of Mon Perin.

These two events offer to our guests an unforgettable experience covered with various concerts and international gastro fairs. 

With the music in your ears, you will be able to walk the old town streets and discover popular and typical gastro products, aromatic oils and authentic souvenirs from our local producers as well as from our neighbors Italians and Slovenians.

Most of the events will take place in the square Trg Tomaso Bembo, in front of the beautiful Castle Bembo, and in its surrounding streets within the old town Bale-Valle.

05.05.  20:30   Neno Belan concert
12.05.  20:30   Diktatori concert
02.06.  20:30   Bad Wave concert

09.06.  20:30   Le Monde concert
16.06   20:30   Energy Band concert

23.06.  20:30   Vatra concert
14.07.  20:30   Koktelsi concert
21.07.  20:30   Face to Face concert

28.07.  20:30   Detour concert  

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