Latest news and activities


Latest news and activities


The first theatre show in the Austro-Hungarian fortress

Who we are, what we are, where do we come from, why do we stay in Istria or just pass through it - come and see it in Fort Forno Theater!

You will be met by an actors' troupe ready for a play, song, dance, entertainment and joke; they will play the Istrian tales for you rapidly, as they proceed from the prehistoric times up to nowadays.

1. THE...


Discovering the 7 Austro-Hungarian fortification in Istria

The Fortified Group Barbariga in Istria was part of a complex defensive system of the Austro-Hungarian Stronghold of Pula and, like most of its fortresses, subordinate to the logical hierarchy in the defence of the region. Covering an area of approximately 150 hectares, it was built between 1898 and 1914 northwest of Pula to control the entrance...


The cosiest place to live in Istria

Characterised by a small number of inhabitants, rich history and the Scandinavian-type cosy lifestyle, Bale is considered by many to be an unusual blend of what is best in Istria and what makes it unique and unparalleled.

This is why many people think of it as the cosiest place to live in Istria. Picturesque, colourful and romantic, it has become...


Athletic activity and relaxation: visits to the gym and sauna baths at Bale

A gym where you can relax?

Most people would say it's a good idea. Relaxing after a stressful day at work is often a necessity and can become a consolidated ritual. Nowadays it's not so difficult to engage in these activities as there are wellness centres everywhere.

When people go on holiday though, having a nearby facility where it's possible...


The trekking season

When is the trekking season? Obviously, it will arrive when you have a desire to go off and wander about, and perhaps the most important thing is not the period but the actual track or route that you follow. With its mild climate the Istrian peninsula offers hikers some very special routes. Visitors can choose to walk through pristine, unspoilt...


Visit the heart of the Istrian agricultural production area

To acquire a clear idea of the Istrian peninsula and its rural production we should perhaps understand how the area is composed in geomorphological terms and refer to scientific texts that describe it.

            The peninsula has a triangular shape and is internally bordered by the Glinščica Valley, the Hrpelje-Kozina pass and the low-lying...


An 'aromatic' way of life

From the geomorphological point of view Istria is characterised by its jagged coastline, but also by the presence of particular flora and fauna. The poor and infertile karst terrain, especially along the coasts, nonetheless provides optimal conditions for the growth of aromatic and medicinal plants and floral species that are now almost extinct in...


Boulevard World Genius

Visitors will see that in the Istrian countryside a particular material that can be found practically everywhere is stone. This is one of the materials many people would like to have at their disposal to produce works of art as it will of course remain intact and secure over time.

It was suggested that people capable of producing creative...


Find a butterfly

Bale is home to more than three hundred butterfly species, magnificent like the graceful movement that characterises them. You won’t have to look for them, as they may well come near you, caress the tip of your nose or may even land on your shoulder. They will take you back to being a child and appreciate joy in small things like you did as a kid....


Birdwatching wetlands

When walking through the wetlands you’ll probably come across a birdwatching hide, a privileged place of concealment for observing rare and endangered species. These wetlands are 5 km away from the Mon Perin campsite.

The Bay of Palud (Palù), located five kilometres north-west of the Bale’s Mon Perin campsite, is the site of the only bird reserve...


Sports lovers on holiday enjoying the beach and the sea

Are you looking for an active holiday?

Bale offers a number of activities to keep sports enthusiasts entertained and invites you to try your hand at bocce, keep fit on gym equipment, take a horseback ride along the Mon Perin campsite pathways, play basketball, football games, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball,  attend diving school courses...


A campsite nestled along the coastline in an unspoilt natural environment

A dream holiday… Is it possible?

To begin with, a dream destination certainly exists. At Bale, white sandy beaches on a 6 mile-long coastline coexist with lush and pristine greenery.

Here, in close contact with the natural environment, Mon Perin has built a camping site – something you've never seen before. Spending a holiday at Bale means...


A taste of country life on a rural farmstead

Spending time relaxing on a farmstead or rural estate is quite an original formula for a holiday, allowing you to experience and take a close look at some of the farming activities carried on in these settings.

Agricultural - or ‘rural’ - farmsteads as we tend to call them in Istria are referred to as stanzie. In land-registry maps compiled...


Independent villas surrounded by Mediterranean maquis scrubland

To preserve the richness of the surroundings while operating in full respect of its resources is absolutely our first and foremost guiding principle.

Our independent villas were developed without impacting on the beauty of the surrounding Mediterranean maquis scrubland, which already differs significantly from that more commonly present in other...



The presence of dinosaur fossils dating back 130 million years is what places the history of Bale into the spotlight. And it is precisely in this part of the Adriatic that the discovery of fossils on the seabed was made in 1992 as the only known case at world level.

At Bale, you’ll be able to see fossil remains of these remarkable creatures that...


Pitches by the sea

Pitches beside the sea are an ideal solution for those who love camping, be it in a tent, a motorhome or a caravan.

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Mon Perin offers a perfect holiday to experience first-hand the spectacle of nature, beautiful sunsets and crystal-clear water.

At Mon Perin camping site, you’ll find a choice of...


Visiting the old farming district by bicycle

Getting around on a bike during your holiday is an experience you might like to seriously consider. We are sure that your cycling excursions through the Municipality of Bale will be unforgettable.

Using a bicycle, you will be able to freely roam around an area of 82 square kilometres, constantly immersed in a natural environment among countless...


The Crypt Moment: the Lapidarium

Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the lapidarium of the parish church dedicated to the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth in Bale.

The lapidarium might erroneously be mistaken for a cemetery, but its true meaning actually lies within its etymology. From Latin lapis (“stone”), it is a place where stone monuments are...


The typical flavours of a town

The sea, nature, traditional fragrances, opaque colours, intense aromas and silence ... Istria is a fascinating place and you will certainly be tempted by the local cuisine.

You will be fascinated by a charming scenario and as soon as you arrive in the peninsula, a land where red soil and the presence of stone are predominant features of the...


Horseback ride among the ancient farmsteads of Istria

Those who decide to spend a holiday at Bale means they will be choosing an unconventional tourist destination, steeped in history and nature.

Among the many adventures visitors may experience during their stay in the district of Bale a horseback ride among the old farms and country estates is the ideal activity to become fully immersed in this...


Traditions and modern design

An ancient scenario but with a modern heart: at Bale a traditional setting is enlivened by innovation and design.

In recent years, especially at the seaside resorts, the need to convert large housing structures into B&B units, villas or guest houses has become increasingly widespread. Old buildings are transformed into functional spaces and used...


The Forno Fortress

At Bale it is certainly worth visiting the old Austro-Hungarian 'Forno' fortress situated between the Mon Perin campsite and the Barbariga tourist area. After a long period of neglect this has now become a site where numerous theatrical and cultural events are held.

Constructed by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1904, the fort was built according to...


Oil mills and presses situated along unusual routes

Enjoy an excursion during which you will be able to visit old mills with traditional grindstones; centuries-old oil mills now co-exist with modern processing plants that fully respect the environment. This is yet another special feature of the Bale district. 

From the historical point of view the Bale territory has always been strongly...


Discovering the Soardo-Bembo castle

Once you have arrived at Bale it will certainly not be difficult to find the Soardo Bembo Castle. This building – the most impressive in the entire area - can be seen while travelling along the Via Flavia between Trieste and Pula. It appears with all of its medieval charm and the two quadrangular towers that were erected in the fourteenth century....


The Wine, Oil and Cheese Road

Olive groves and vineyards are present in this area, and almost as far as the eye can see. Yes, this is Bale, famous for its oil, cheese and wine.

Blue skies, green olive trees and a dark red soil, grey dry stone walls and the white fleece of sheep that wander through the olive groves: these are typical colours that appear across the maquis and a...


Mon Perin Company’s Annual General Meeting to be held soon

In recent days, preparations are underway ahead of Mon Perin’s annual general meeting taking place in Bale on Friday, 18 May 2018. 

Dividend payment to all company's contributors and appointment of a new management board are the motions that will be put to the vote at this year's AGM.

Moreover, building on the investment made over the last...


"The Spring of Mon Perin" and "The Summer of Mon Perin" season kicks off

For several years now, springs and summers have been bringing lots of cultural and entertainment events to Bale in the framework of the programmes "The Spring of Mon Perin" and "The Summer of Mon Perin".

These two events aim to provide guests and visitors of Bale with a memorable experience full of concerts and international gastro fairs. 



Dinosaurs arrived at Mon Perin campsite!

In 1992, dinosaur bones were found off the coast of Bale. 

Several species of dinosaurs are believed to have lived on these territories.

One of them is also a Brachiosaurus, almost the largest known dinosaur to ever have walked the earth reaching weights of 30 tons and lengths of 20 to 25 meters.

This amazing discovery put Bale on the World...


Istria's first agility park constructed in Bale

Right from its opening, the Bale's Camping Mon Perin is keen on making sure that both guests and their pets are happy during their stay in the camping area.

Not only are pets welcome on our campsite, but a former military zone within the campsite has been specifically designed as a dog-walking or jogging area and the construction of Istria’s...


Smart benches installed in the Mon Perin campsite area

Regardless of whether you're uploading new photos on Facebook or Instagram, surfing the Internet or scrolling the latest news – Camping Mon Perin took care to ensure a smooth and fast Internet connection throughout your stay in the campsite!

High Wi-Fi, the latest and ultra-fast wireless internet connection is accessible from every corner of the...


On Mondays – a free dental check-up

Guests staying at the Mon Perin campsite are offered an interesting possibility to have their first dental check-up for free at our partner dental practice in Pula while on summer holiday, and should they decide to have some additional treatments, exclusive discounts are available exclusively to the Mon Perin campsite guests. 

A free ride to Pula...


Free kitchen garden for campsite guests has doubled its size

The Fresh Market is a unique gift to all guests staying in the Mon Perin camping area.

It is actually a kitchen garden where an array of seasonal fruit and vegetables are available to campsite guests completely free of charge.

This year, the Fresh Market has doubled in size: it has been extended to 8 hectares and the available surface areas have...


Boulevard World Genius

With the project "Boulevard World Genius" Mon Perin aims  to connect the camp site at the coast with the town of Bale a few kilometers inland and pay tribute to those great minds who have shaped our past and present and will undoubtedly leave their mark in times to come.

A partnership with the Academies of Fine Arts of Milan, Turin, Bologna,...


The project that changed once among the poorest municipalities of Istria

The Mon Perin company is one of the pioneers of the social entrepreneurship business philosophy and practice at national level. Under the leadership of Massimo Piutti, it has proved that the concept can successfully integrate the best long-term local community interests, objectives aimed at preserving the environmental equilibrium and the highly...


A campsite where visitors and their little ones certainly won't be bored

While for many parents a summer vacation means primarily a time for rest and relaxation, kids are looking for fun and exciting new activities. That's why Camping Mon Perin arranged many activities especially for the youngest: every day, in the morning and afternoon, the campsite animation team leads children aged from 4 to 12 years through the...


Cleanliness and guest satisfaction at the top of our agenda

The Campsite Mon Perin makes every effort to ensure guests enjoy both unspoiled nature and comfort. That's why the number of bathroom facilities is increased and their capacity extended every year, yet maintaining quality and cleanliness at all times is among our top priorities. In parallel, for years now, a private and autonomous sewer system has...


The latest mobile homes for a perfect holiday

For those who want to spend their holiday surrounded by nature and as close to the sea as possible, but with all the comforts of a multi-star hotel room – spacious and air-conditioned mobile homes with covered terraces are an ideal choice.  Situated in the green pine forest, the mobile homes are in direct contact with the beauty of nature and at...


Let your pets enjoy a holiday too

Many guests just can't bear the thought of being on holiday without their beloved pets. Camping Mon Perin is a pet-friendly campsite and goes the extra mile to make sure they have fun too. That's why the area of the former military zone within the campsite has been specifically designed as a dog-walking or jogging area, while a Dog Agility Park is...


Campsite development tailored to the guests needs

Once the main tourist season is over towards the end of summer, Camping Mon Perin is still busy! It's then that many activities whose aim is to ensure the satisfaction of every guest kick off, such as additional landscaping, extension of the existing pitches, construction and refurbishment of new facilities.  If you decide to visit Camping Mon...


Experience the flavours and scents of Istria

A holiday is the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun, but also to discover new gastronomic delights. During your stay at the Mon Perin camping area taste the flavours and scents of Istria: namely, three excellent restaurants, Mol Picio, Porto Bus and San Pol, will ensure you enjoy first-class food and wine, and besides an extensive menu of...


Health comes first even while on holiday

Summer holidays are the time of year when people find the time to think about improving their health. Those who do will find the possibility to have the first dental check-up for free at our partner dental practice very attractive, and should they decide to have some additional treatments, exclusive discounts are available to guests staying at the...


Excellent connectivity also whilst on holiday

One of the latest habits of travellers is posting photos on social media each day whilst on holiday. Regardless of whether you're uploading new photos on Facebook or Instagram, surfing the Internet or scrolling the latest news – Camping Mon Perin took care to ensure a smooth and fast Internet connection throughout your stay in the campsite! High...


When you need help, information or just a person to talk to

Customer care always starts with the human contact – that's why our campsite staff is always on hand to assist, help or give information. And you won't need a dictionary, as every staff member speaks fluently English, German and Italian. But that's not all. In fact, starting from the past season, Camping Mon Perin is among just a few tourist...


In sync with nature and the latest environmental trends

From the very start Camping Mon Perin has been committed to environmental protection, by making every effort to minimize as much as possible the impact on the beautiful and untouched natural environment. Indeed campsite guests are greatly encouraged to come on holiday by an electric car or to ride an e-bike on site. For those who do, the good news...


A perfect place for an active holiday and loads of fun

A summer holiday for some is just about sun and sea. Yet others look for more. And this is precisely what Camping Mon Perin and the town of Bale offer – many things more. One of Bale's particular features is the fact that it is the place where over two hundred of interesting events are organised annually.  A rich past offers a range of interesting...


All information – literally at your fingertips

Apart from assistance and information offered by the campsite staff and hosts, guests staying at the campsite who like to have all information at their fingertips, that is, on their mobile phone, won’t be deprived of this possibility: each guest can download a QR code at any time and access all necessary and important campsite-related information....


A small community with big plans

A town with just over 1,000 inhabitants has come up with one of the most generous schemes to help young families in Croatia.

Thanks to a substantial support of the Municipality of Bale and the Mon Perin company, the residents of Bale are entering the new year with great optimism. Precious presents are waiting for them under the Christmas tree –...


Mon Perin, equity capital increase and development of new projects

At the end of last week, the Extraordinary Assembly of Mon Perin adopted a decision to increase the Company's equity capital as a prerequisite for further functioning and continuing the Mon Perin’s planned development. 

This marks, symbolically, the beginning of a new era in the development of this peculiar tourism company of Bale. The equity...


The Past, The Present, The Future

Three videos will describe the story of Mon Perin in 3 minutes.

The Bale municipality, with its 9.5 km of untouched coastline, is one of the most picturesque medieval small towns in the region, and was long considered a peripheral town due to the domination of two neighbouring tourist destinations (Rovinj and Pula), which placed Bale in an...


What is Mon Perin?

The company Mon Perin d.o.o. is a tourist company established in 2005 in Bale with a unique management model for this type of business.

The original proposal, which today is a reality, was to create a company whose founders would be the inhabitants of Bale, the “friends of Bale”, the Bale municipality, and all those interested in the development...


Become part of the MON PERIN's story.

Take part in the recapitalisation of the company.

MON PERIN was established as a limited liability company in Bale in 2005 with a unique model of management.

What started as a proposal to create a company whose founders were the citizens of Bale, the „friends“ of Bale, the Municipality and all those who were interested in the sustainable...


The Mon Perin – successful camping story

The "Mon Perin" from Bale is a successful camping story, which grows year after year, provides excellent service and offers interesting additional services and that is the reason for guests always coming back. After being thoroughly renovated and complemented by new attractive facilities, one of the most modern Istrian auto camps, the "Mon Perin"...


The Bembo Castle, the Art House

Yesterday at the Bembo Castle the Italian Community of Bale, the "Forlanette" company, the Tourist Board of Bale and the company "Mon Perin" signed the agreement establishing the "Art House of Mon Perin”. The project will transform the interiors of the Bembo Castle into an art gallery for the purpose of exhibiting and selling paintings, sculptures...


The project “One plot of land for 1 kuna”

The Mon Perin Foundation is financing the project “One plot of land for 1 kuna”, which will turn the city of Valle into a new residential location for young families.

After signing of the agreement by Mon Perin Foundation and Valle Municipal Council in September, today saw official confirmation of the methods for cooperation between the first 5...


Mon Perin Agreements

Friday 9th September 2016 was a very important day for Mon Perin!

In fact, at our beloved Palazzo Bembo, we signed 8 partnership agreements:

1) A partnership between the Municipality of Valle and the Mon Perin Foundation regarding the financing of the project “Particelle per 1 kuna”. This project aims to help the younger generations to buy a...


Mon Perin at the “Innovative Tourism Organisation Methods” convention

The “Innovative Tourism Organisation Methods” convention was held in Piran, Slovenia, on 5 July 2016.

A number of Slovenian mayors, representatives of regional cooperatives and consortiums, innovative tourism companies and local government representatives were in attendance.

The day was divided into two parts: the morning was dedicated to...


Camping Mon Perin: Renovations in 2016

Camping Mon Perin is currently listed as one of the top 15 tourist structures on the Croatian coast.

This pride of place, in the company of several luxury hotels, is the fruit of 4 million euros invested in renovations done in 2015 and 2016 that improved the campground’s quality immensely. Thanks to this extensive work, the campground has risen...


Mon Perin, Valle’s renaissance

In the early 2000s, Valle still was an abandoned, underdeveloped and unnoticed village. It had high unemployment and its citizens saw no future for their community.

Then, in the 2004, a small group of friends from the same generation decided that the time had come to say ‘stop’, so they founded a citizens’ association called Mon Perin. They did...


Valle’s Scattered hotel - Project updates

Today, 28th June 2016, students from Zagreb and Ljubljana Universities are coming to our Valle to present their projects on the most appropriate ways to bring to life the concept of “scattered hotel” in our small but ancient village.

They are not the first group of students working on this grand and ambitious project. In fact, students from IUAV...


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