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Special offers


Looking for DOLPHINS

Climb aboard our ship and admire the water games of the dolphins, which are quite at home near the beach. We organize boat tours along the most beautiful panoramic routes in Croatia: Explore the islands of Rovinj, admire the unspoiled nature of the beaches and caves in the area of the camp and enjoy a breathtaking sunset, as beautiful as anywhere else in the world - Casanova-parole!


During your stay at our campsite, make the most of the opportunity and pick some of the fresh and local fruit and vegetables in our garden. This year we planted various sorts of fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, melons and others, which you can pick every day with your family and friends, and prepare a delicious and fresh meal. Prepare fresh summer salads, light meals or enjoy a cold watermelon or melon – all within reach in our garden!

Special offer 2017

FROM 07/04 UNTIL 04/06 AND FROM 11/09 TO 01/10

For a stay of min. 4 nights in mobile home or 7 nights in pitch / camp spot you will recive a set of 6 vouchers for one person for all these activities:
- 1 sailing class, 60 min. - all levels
- 1 riding class, 20min. - all levels
- 1 diving experiece
- 1 boat tour, 2 - 3 hours
- 1 bottle of Extra Virgin Istrian Olive Oil

Rainy days

Your summer vacation day has turned into a rainy day? In our camps you can get an additional discount on rainy days!

In case it is raining for more than 8 hours between 08:00 and 19:00 during your stay in our camps, you will receive a 5% discount for ACCOMMODATION IN A MOBILE HOME, 20% discount for ACCOMMODATION ON CAMP SPOTS.

Bring a friend!

Did you enjoy our camp and you would recommend it to your friend who had never visited it before? That is a perfect combination because if you bring a friend or a whole family who have never stayed in our campsite before, everybody gets a 10% discount on the price of a person in the campsite, or 5% discount for accomodation in a mobile home, independently of your departure date from the campsite. The discount is applicable only if you come together and stay on different accommodation units. When coming to the reception desk to register, please inform us that you would like to use this special offer.

Mon Perin Partner

During your stay in our campsites, you have the possibility to use extraordinary discounts and benefits in Bale and in the surrounding area. When registering at the reception desk of our campsites, you will be given a Mon Perin Partner Card, with which you can get discounts on various products and services in Bale, primarily in restaurants, bars, galleries, hair salons, wellness centres... The card is valid throughout your stay in the campsites. Complete list of Mon Perin partners can be found HERE.

“A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.”
― Alan S. Kesselheim