Paleo Park

We are expecting you with great joy!


We are expecting you with great joy!

Paleo Park

The Paleo Park is a combination of a theme water amusement park and an educational and research platform, whose aim is to highlight and promote this archaeological site on the coastline of Bale. Particular focus shall be placed on educating the youngest generations, by establishing co-operation with nurseries, as well as with primary and secondary schools, thus enabling them to find out more about this unique site by taking a walk though the theme park.  

Paleo Park, what is it exactly?

Paleo Park grew out of the idea of creating a paleontological park, primarily meant to educate, amuse, prompt curiosity and desire to explore.

Considering the close proximity of the paleontological site, nature set the theme for the park. The area around the pool represents a theme park featuring dinosaur replica models in different sizes and provides an educational walk to showcase the fascinating history of dinosaurs.

The Paleo Park complex is located in the camping Mon Perin area along the coast of San Polo - Colona - Paravia. The complex spreads over an area of 16.199 sqm, blending in well with the surroundings without affecting the natural shape of the terrain.

The complex consists of entrance/reception area, Jacuzzi, indoor restaurant, covered outdoor bar area, bathroom facilities, sunbathing area and a souvenir shop.

Dinosaurs in Bale

Dinosaur bones, that is, a dorsal vertebra of the largest prehistoric reptile, the Brachiosaurus, were found on the shores of the Bay of Colona in Bale in 1992. 
Discoveries of IguanodonCamarasaurus and Stegosaurus species were made as well.  
About ten species of dinosaurs are believed to have lived on these territories.
One of them is also the Brachiosaurus, almost the largest known dinosaur to ever have walked the earth reaching weights of 30 tons and lengths of 20 to 25 meters. 
This amazing discovery put Bale on the World List of Paleontological Sites at the World Congress of Paleontologists in Beijing in 1995.
As far as it is known, the site of Bale is the only site in the world to hide the fossils of these extinct giant reptiles under the sea, and some are believed to be almost 200 million years old.

Dinosaur-shaped swimming pool

The swimming pool area consists of three smaller pools and a hot tub.

The spacious outdoor swimming pool area of 706 sqm includes the pool for adults (480 sqm, 135 cm deep), kids’ pool (100 sqm, 45 cm deep), and a pool with massage seats (30 m2, 90 cm deep). Next to the main pool is a Jacuzzi of 20 sqm and 90 cm deep.  
Access paths and terraces (sunbathing areas) fit in by way of cascade in the surrounding terrain, without affecting its configuration. 

Paleo Park amenities

The Paleo Park complex includes a range of amenities in the form of pavilions and in particular:

  • restaurant with the respective terrace;  
  • souvenir shop
  • bathroom facilities for visitors
  • changing rooms

The restaurant offers daily fresh salads, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas.

The facility features also:

  • three swimming pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • sunbathing area
  • playground
  • kids’ sandpits with exposed dinosaur bones.

Landscaping and environmental protection

When developing the Paleo Park special attention was paid not to disrupt the landscape characteristics and to preserve indigenous vegetation. 
The Paleo Park grounds have been landscaped with Mediterranean plants in complete harmony with the natural environment. 

The park grounds include a relaxation area, a sunbathing area over 3,000 sqm, a playground area, and kids’ sandpits with exposed dinosaur bones.

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